Checkout “The Lost Medallion”, the second book in the Banana Chronicles series and stay tuned for the next book in the series!

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About Banana Chronicles

Banana Chronicles is a children’s tropical beach adventure depicting the colorful island life of Mon-Ki Key.  The vibrant blending of tales and dazzling illustrations portray the positive interactions of the island’s whimsical characters.  In Mon-ki Key’s lively market place, Monkey trades his daily catch of fish for a variety of things: roof thatch, food for his pet bird, and… Bananas!

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About The Author

fastturtle-_0003_Layer-15Timothy Brower
Timothy Brower is an avid adventurer who has lived and worked internationally in such places Asia, Africa, Australia and South America. Through those adventures Timothy Brower has collected numerous tales and experiences that have helped play an integral part in creating the Banana Chronicles series…

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Michelle Robertson – Reader’s Favorite

“With its life lessons, exciting pictures, and enjoyable characters, Banana Chronicles: Fishing For Bananas is sure to be a story time favorite.”

Alan Leifeste – MD

“The book is full of brilliant color, lively animation and teaches important lessons in life: conservation, work ethic and is an entry conversation to children about the value of bananas / currency.”

Joel Warner – Writer for Westword Magazine and author of The Humor Code

“A fun page-turner with colorful characters and a sweet storyline.”

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