Duanwu Festival (Dragon Boat Festival)

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  Our incredible illustrator, Mr Agus Prajogo recently celebrated the Duanwu.  He said he celebrated the festival as he’s Chinese decent living in Malong, Indonesia.  For the celebration they ate dumplings. The legend of the Dragon Boat Festival As a minister of the ancient … Continued

The Palm Tree

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The Arecaceae are a botanical family of perennial lianas, shrubs, and trees commonly known as palm trees. There are more than 2600 species currently known and most of them are in tropical, subtropical, and warm temperate climates. As well as … Continued

Imagination and Cultivating Ideas

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Who doesn’t love a great tale of adventure or of fascinating objects from interesting places!  The kind of place or object that will get you excited to learn more.  I’ve traveled to over 27 countries and loved seeing, eating or exploring the interesting places in them which have included a … Continued

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