32 Pages. 11 x 0.2 x 8.5 inches.

ISBN: 978-0-9909557-0-2 (Hardbound)

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About Banana Chronicles: Fishing for Bananas

By Timothy Brower

One of a Kind Children’s Action & Adventure Books

  • 100% original characters, stories and illustrations.
  • Monkey was derived from twenty five new illustrations and blended to fit the confident, hardworking and unique character that you and your children will grow to love.
  • Mon-ki Key’s diverse community promotes social acceptance and awareness with an emphasis on upstanding character and ethics.
  • Banana Chronicles started with five talented illustrators from four different continents tasked with creating what would become the island of Mon-ki Key.
  • The decision to write Banana Chronicles was made during a bedtime story on a tropical fishing trip. Immediately after the story Brower’s daughter told him that she could see the every detail in color when Monkey was using his tail, feet and hands to catch fish faster than any ten men.

Fishing for Bananas is the first of six books in the Banana Chronicles series. The colorful island life is depicted through tales of fishing and surfing, a treasure, a Big Idea and most importantly, a fantastic storm that changes everything.

The vibrant blending of tales and dazzling illustrations portray the positive interactions of the island’s whimsical characters. In Mon-ki Key’s lively market places, Monkey trades his daily catch of fish for a variety of things: roof thatch, food for his pet bird and…..Bananas!

Readers of all ages will appreciate the values and experiences introduced through Monkey’s adventures, creating an excitement for adventure through a nice balance of fairness, ethics and social responsibility.


Stay tuned for the second book in the series.

Look for “The Lost Medallion” coming soon, the second book in the Banana Chronicles series and find out how it all began. Stay tuned for all six books in the series where you’ll meet the “Wild Mean Chickens, Mount Grumpy (the local active volcano) and discover sunken ships that create the most beautiful reefs. Last but not least, there will be fun for everyone as you figure out the big surprise in the 6th book, “The Big Green Flash”!