About the illustrator:

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During the search for Banana Chronicle illustrators, I was fortunate enough to have input from 5 different artist from 4 different continents.  All our illustrators were magnificently talented, however one gentleman kept producing the most vibrant illustrations that I’ve ever come across.  One of our initial goals was to create unparalleled children’s beach adventure books and it became obvious that this gentleman, Agus Prajogo from a village near Malang, Indonesia was a perfect fit for our beach adventure series.

Meet Agus:

Getting Home to My Village

I was working as a Software Engineer in Singapore. Yes it was a very busy life with tight schedules everyday.
I was single back then. My girlfriend (now my wife) and I often had a lengthy discussion about starting our family in Singapore. Living in Singapore has its perks, top-notch public transportations, public utilities, good schools, etc.

But somehow we felt that something was missing. We felt that if we stayed there, our children would grow into some sort of machine. We won’t have enough time to feed them love. We would only provide them with money. I’m glad we made the right decision that time.

So on the brink of a huge promotion with my job, in November 2005 I decided to call it a day, submitted my resignation and headed home to my village. This would allow me to start living the life I wanted while using my passion for illustrating to make this dream come true.  Working from home and living close to my parents (my dad is 70 this year, my mom 66) enabled us to raise our family not only with money but with affection like how it should be.

Banana Chronicles Fishing for Bananas

Banana Chronicles: Maps and Features

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