The Inspirations behind Banana Chronicles:

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The origin of Banana Chronicles was indeed based on a bedtime story that was told to my little girl during a tropical fishing trip, but the true inspiration stemmed from so much more.  I’ve always found that our vacations seemed to recalibrate my sense wonder and discovery.  As my strong desire for adventure resurfaces and unbinds from the daily responsibilities at home, the world around me becomes vibrant and I remember to notice even the smallest of details.  For example, on this particular trip while we were fishing, I was enjoying watching this little boat, so small, I kept imagining a monkey fishing from it.

Long after the vacations have ended, we always take that sense of adventure and recalibrated attitude back home.  This time we decided not only to take this mindset with us, but put into color and words.  These positive thoughts and vibrant sense of adventure is what you’ll find in Banana Chronicles.  We can’t wait to introduce you and your family to the wonderful world and characters of Mon-ki Key.