5 Star Review from Reader’s Favorite


Book Review

Reviewed by Michelle Robertson for Readers’ Favorite

Banana Chronicles: Fishing For Bananas by Timothy Brower is a delightful and creative children’s pictorial and early reader book, introducing its young reading audience to the concepts of fairness, accountability within a public community, and an introduction into the world of economics. The author has created an intriguing way to instruct children on how the smaller communities, especially those among the islands, conduct their business with a trade market. Within the story, the main character – Monkey – trades the fish he catches each day for items he needs to fix his home, feed his pets, or even feed himself, such as with bananas.

This is Economics 101. The earlier children learn the ways of money, trade, and marketing, the easier it will be for them to transition into the world as adults. This, however, is not the only teaching lesson within the story’s plot. Fairness is taught when the islanders who have a stand at the market have an agreement of: don’t waste anything, buy and sell only what you need. The main character in the story, Monkey, buys the same amount of bananas as fish he had caught, and thus wastes nothing. By following the market place rule, Monkey has developed and learned to be accountable or responsible with the public community. The pages of the book have beautiful and fun illustrations for all readers to enjoy as they give off a happy vibe. With its life lessons, exciting pictures, and enjoyable characters, Banana Chronicles: Fishing For Bananas is sure to be a story time favorite.