Banana Chronicles Art, Recipes and Facts:

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We want to hear and see what our young readers have to show and tell.  Send us your art, recipes and interesting facts about tropical islands, plants, animals and other ideas that might be important to Banana Chronicle fans.  We look forward to viewing everything our followers submit and at the end of every week, we’ll post a winner for each category.  We’ll also be posting a monthly prize which will be awarded to the most outstanding submissions of the month.

Banana Chronicles:  The Lost Medallion

Banana Chronicles: The Lost Medallion
A One of a Kind Children’s Action & Adventure Book

Look for “The Lost Medallion” coming soon, the second book in the Banana Chronicles series

The Lost Medallion takes you back where you’ll find out how Fishing for Bananas. Meet the “Wild Mean Chickens”, Mount Grumpy (the local active volcano). and discover sunken ships that create the most beautiful reefs.