Banana Chronicles: Reading Campaign Program

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SEC Class 2We just had the pleasure of reading to South East Christian’s Kindergarten Class in Parker, CO.  What makes this so special is the enthusiasm from the children and all the intuitive questions.  One resounding question is “why does Monkey fish”?  The answer is that Monkey has responsibilities and other needs besides banana’s.  This questions allows us to briefly touch on responsibilities and use Monkey’s Adventures which provide fun examples.  Our commitment throughout the series is to offer fun and intertwining story lines that provide examples of good character, ethics, fairness and responsibilities.

Another highlight was in our discussion about being an author and when we touched on blending the story with detailed illustrations.  Mrs.Jensen ask the class, “what do I always say about writing your stories?  Add detail!”  I really enjoyed this comment as it’s one of our biggest goals in every book.  The details in both the story and illustrations are what connects the children’s imagination with the adventure and increases their desire to read.

If you are interested in having Banana Chronicles: Fishing for Bananas read to your school, library or favorite books store, please contact us at