Creating Art for the The Lost Medallion

The Lost Medallion is the second book in the Banana Chronicles 6 book series.

One of the original objectives is to take our ideas and blend them into a seamless storyline that readers of all ages will find creative, organized, positive and fun.  One of the challenges is working with Agus Prajogo, literally half a world away, while communicating across a twelve-hour time difference.  By the time he adds what he calls his .02 (two cents!), I’ve awakened from a full night’s sleep and have even more suggestions, or perhaps I’ve changed my mind altogether!

All six books are basically written, but we’re always changing them to bring out the most intriguing details.  For instance, on the last page of Fishing for Bananas, there’s an advertisement for our 2nd book in the series The Lost Medallion. We actually had three different final covers to pick from!  While Agus and I were working on The Lost Medallion cover, I described what the scene needed to look like, then, Agus performed his magic touch.  The touch that I didn’t expect was that Agus drew a bottle on the beach.  I thought about it and liked the concept quite a bit.  Then in my typical style, I asked for a version with a message in the bottle that plays into a previous written story as well as an illustration with nothing added.  As you probably know by now, we chose the message in the bottle.

We hope you and your children will enjoy the 2nd book in the series and all the adventures to come which are far from monkey business; kids will learn heaps about fairness, ethics and social responsibility along the way.

    • Going Bananas with Uplifting New Children’s Series, Promoting Fairness, Ethics & Social Responsibility.
    • Children will find that these adventures are far from monkey business; kids will learn heaps about fairness, ethics and social responsibility along the way.
    • Readers and Listeners alike will feel like they are actually on the island of Mon-Ki Key, an immersion that will help them soak up the books positive messages and take on the summer with gusto.
    • Increasing children’s desire to read through an imaginative story and illustrations that will have them waiting in anticipation for the next book.
    • Fast Turtle’s Summer Reading Tour is aimed at supporting literacy development for impressionable young minds.

cover2_v1b bottle

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