Dr. Leifeste’s Fish Story

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AlansWahooReading the banana chronicles to my son makes me long for the time I can take him fishing ( he is 21 months old). Witt ( my son) and I talk about fabulous fishing trips. One comes to mind:

Myself and a group of buddies were fishing off of the coast of Ambergris Caye, Belize. It was a beautiful day, the ocean was calm and one of the deepest shades of sapphire blue. We were on a boat named Miss Jess and our captain was Ivan. We were working hard telling each other stories about our current life and our jobs. These mundane topics were quickly cast aside once the beach music played over the radio. Our focus switched to the natural task at hand, chasing the birds who were working the bait fish and hoping for the first bite! Hours went by and our friendships rekindled. Suddenly my line went tight and the reel started screaming! I grabbed ahold and was in for a wild ride. My arms burned and fears of losing my fish crossed my mind. Finally, after a good fight, I landed a 68 inch Wahoo which weighed about 55 pounds. Wahoo are known as the cheetah’s of the sea as they attack at over 70 miles per hour.

That was the best fish of the day for our small boat. We took this wonderful catch into a local restaurant  named El Patio. We dined on our catch and relived the  exceptional day we had experienced.