Imagination and Cultivating Ideas

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ShelfWho doesn’t love a great tale of adventure or of fascinating objects from interesting places!  The kind of place or object that will get you excited to learn more.  I’ve traveled to over 27 countries and loved seeing, eating or exploring the interesting places in them which have included a surf shop that rented boogie boards in the Peoples Popular Republic of Congo or even a ski trip with friends to Romania just to go to an interesting restaurant in Poiana Brosov.  Many years ago I promised myself to always look for and find something interesting to bring back as a reminder of these travels.  A lot of these reminders are kept on a shelf that showcases many of the prized items.  A couple of my favorite pieces include a hand blown goblet from the oldest glass factory in Murano, Italy, 18th Century books from Sighisoara, Romania, Roman coins, baskets and fossils.  Some of the artifacts I’ve collected include 18th Century shipwreck coins, frankincense from Oman and fossilized Woolly Mammoth tusk.  Other items include a 250 year old Omani Khanjar, 16th Century painting of Vlad Tepes (aka Dracula) birth village.  On a rainy day or a seemingly normal day – the kind where things are expected to be the exact same way at the same time, like every other normal day; I can go to the shelf and pick up a book or a coin and those memories or stories will cultivate an idea and get my imagination excited for adventure.  This summer Fast Turtle Publishing challenges you and your children to find something that excites your imagination and we’d love to hear about it.  Write us at