Meet one of Banana Chronicles real life characters

Chicken 9

Meet one of Banana Chronicles real life characters:  “Chicken”

Chicken is our blue and gold macaw.  He was “hatched” in July of 2002 in Fredericksburg, TX, so he’s almost 13 years old.  Macaws can live to be over 50 years old!  When writing Banana Chronicles, Chicken was making such a ruckus that I told him if he wasn’t quiet, I was going to make him Monkey’s pet.  Of course Chicken being Chicken, just kept squawking, talking and whistling.  So one beautiful Colorado summer morning, Chicken was written into “Fishing for Bananas”.

Chicken is quite a character!  He’s can say over 75 words with phrases such as, “Chicken, scratch your head with your feather” or “Chicken’s a woodpecker”, proceeded by woodpecker noises.  He’s also quite an escape artist too!  For example, he’ll take a luggage combination lock and roll multiple combinations with his tongue while clicking the lock, until he finally gets the combination right, then going wherever he pleases.

I’d say the funniest thing Chicken does for attention is when he says, “bock, bock, BOCK”, just like a chicken.

Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to hear other Chicken stories…..there’s a LOT!