Banana Chronicles: Fishing for Bananas
Banana Chronicles: Fishing for Bananas

By Timothy Brower

One of a Kind Children’s Action & Adventure Books

  • 100% original characters, stories and illustrations.
  • Monkey was derived from twenty five new illustrations and blended to fit the confident, hardworking and unique character that you and your children will grow to love.
  • Mon-ki Key’s diverse community promotes social acceptance and awareness with an emphasis on upstanding character and ethics.
  • Banana Chronicles started with five talented illustrators from four different continents tasked with creating what would become the island of Mon-ki Key.
  • The decision to write Banana Chronicles was made during a bedtime story on a tropical fishing trip. Immediately after the story Brower’s daughter told him that she could see the every detail in color when Monkey was using his tail, feet and hands to catch fish faster than any ten men.

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