Timothy Brower

Timothy Brower, an avid adventurer, has lived and worked internationally in such places as Asia, Africa, Australia and South America. Through those adventures, he collected tales and experiences that have played an integral part in creating the Banana Chronicles series.

Inspiration along Brower’s travels came from events as simple as watching people fish. He remembers taking a moment to observe and appreciate the customs of Nigerian fisherman. In carved out canoes, they attracted fish by throwing wooden balls into the water. When the fish appeared, they cast their nets by hand. Fishing in Muscat, Oman beside the Sultan’s glistening palace was surely something Brower would not soon forget. In other countries he noticed and appreciated the celebrations on Friday’s, where he witnessed locals dressed colorfully, playing music with exotic instruments that created wondrous sounds. Impacted deeply by the tangible energy present in the air in such exotic places, Brower was forever changed. These experiences and the appreciation of both diversity and uniqueness are what create and make Banana Chronicles a one-of-a-kind Children’s Tropical Adventure.

Motivated by his love for his daughter and his desire to share his experiences, he started documenting his adventures by drawing colorful scenes with captions, and placing them into his six-year old daughter’s lunch box every day for her and her friends to enjoy. While traveling on a tropical fishing trip with his wife and daughter, the idea for Banana Chronicles came to life.

Brower and his family enjoy living in Colorado with their blue and gold macaw, dog, turtle and goldfish.